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Homework Information

  •  Go to Google Classroom
    • To Get there click the link and enter your username (school email addresses) and password.
  • Look at the calendar above
    • Be sure to check the calendar key under the calendar.
Don't forget to check the bottom of the website for any HW pages you may need!
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Fifth Grade Specials:

Monday: Music & Art
Tuesday: Band (brass and percussion) and gym
Wednesday: Art & Band (woodwind) & Chapel
Thursday: Gym 
Friday: Band (full band dayand gym

Infohio Research

USERNAME: infohio

Math Resources

Pi Day is March 14th!
How many digits of Pi can you memorize?
Click the picture for One Million digits of Pi!

How Big is a Trillion Dollars?
Resources for You to Use
  1. ParentsWeb - Use to check your grades!
  2. RESOURCES FOR STUDENTS/PARENTS - Project Resources, Handouts, and more!
  3. Today's Videos Page (it's at the bottom also) - If you have video for tonight here it is!
  4. Parent/Teacher Conference Sign-Up (Please check again in February)
  5. - A great safe search engine!
  6. - A Bibliography Creator!
  7. Resource Tools for Kids - From the Worthington Libraries (some resources require a library card to sign-in)
  8. - Has lots of photos for use in schools and non-profits
  9. Scholastic Reading Timer 
    1. App for Android (includes a log)
    2. App for iPad and iPhone
  10. PBS LearningMedia - A Great Resource for extending and enriching learning!
  11. ConnectED Website - Our Math Book Online!
Fourth Grade Resources

  1. Ohio County Study Help

Fifth Grade Resources
  • Learn the States and Capitals by Song...

Animaniacs States and Capitals Song

  • Learn the Presidents in Order by Song...

Presidential Order

Animaniacs Presidential Order Song

General Information (4th & 5th):

Click Here to look up a Bible verse on-line!
Click here for a free PDF reader.
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